How do you know what your personal Chakra Song is?

Your Chakra Song is specific to you. Your voice has a certain range of frequencies that it sounds. Your lowest comfortable, singable note is where you start to get your root chakra note.


The process is to first find your root chakra note. Once you have that, all you have to do is go to this chart and look for the note in the red row that is your root chakra note. The notes above it will vibrate all those chakras in your body so that you can feel them and know they are real! The easiest way to feel them vibrate while you hum them is when you are lying down on your back.

What are the Benefits of knowing your chakra song scale?

We live a noisy world of engine hums, car horns, and cell phones beeping. Have you ever felt exhausted from too much sound/noise? Sound has a powerful effect on our physical and emotional bodies. Too much noise can really unhinge us. Once as I was attending a Chamber of Commerce Friday morning breakfast meeting in Santa Fe, I demonstrated the power of sound in a unique way to the 150 or so business people who were also attending. It was a monthly networking meeting where after breakfast we could get up and give a 30 second sales pitch for our business. To set the scene, it was a very “live” room-adobe and wood, glass, no curtains or anything to absorb the noise of all the conversations going on at the same time. 97 people got in line to give their pitches and I was number 95. It had been over 45 minutes since this started and I didn’t think anyone listening could pay attention to all of this and remember any of it. So, when it came to my turn, I offered 30 seconds of silence instead of giving a pitch to demonstrate the power of sound. As the 30 seconds ticked by, you could feel the energy in the room relax. Most people were not aware of how loud it was until they noise stopped. The effect was so profound that the last person to speak who was standing behind me, got up to the mic to give his 30 second pitch and all he could say was “I forgot what I was going to say!” Too much noise can really upset our natural rhythms and brain waves. Getting to a quiet place in today’s world that has nourishing, natural, harmonizing sounds is desperately needed.

Knowing your personal Chakra Scale Song gives you the ability to rebalance your physical and emotional energy with just a few minutes of humming. If you can’t find a quiet place to hum, you could listen to your personal Chakra Scale Song on your phone or MP3 player and feel a sense of balance and wellbeing return within minutes. It is so calming and delicious, it could be used before or after any stressful situation. Like before a performance, before giving an important speech or presentation. People who have their MP3 of their Chakra Scale Song say it is the most grounding and rewarding sound you will ever listen to.

If you are interested in an online class that will teach you how to Sing your personal Chakra Scale Song , either use the contact form on the home page or just email me at and I’ll send you more information.

Knowing your personal Chakra Scale Song also gives you access to knowing what notes will vibrate other organs and systems of YOUR body. It is the first step to being able to tone, oxygenate, and increase circulation to all parts of your body. For example, if your throat chakra note is “C” and your 3rd Eye chakra note is “D”. Then the note between “C” and “D” will vibrate the parts of your face and head that are in between your throat and your forehead like you ears, sinuses, teeth and gums! That note would be C# or D flat. Your chakra scale gives you the basic alphabet for your chakra energy centers and your body notes.

Chakra Song Testimonials
“It has become my go-to healing for anxiety. I especially like to listen to my Personal Chakra Scale mp3’s on repeat when flying in an airplane… I also use this meditation to move stuck negative energy in my body when it paralyzes me. I listen to my root chakra meditation until I can move again. I also use this regularly to soothe me to sleep or give me a quick, solid grounding when I need it. For me, it’s one of the most valuable modalities I’ve encountered.”


Wow this is so amazing! I always knew that toning would be my thing. Thank you so much. I’m gonna practice. You know what, I just stood up and my back pain has gone! Om my God-It’s still slightly there but not to the degree that it was before toning my 2nd chakra note with you. Thank you so much!


After singing and feeling her chakras for the first time –

Om my goodness! What a gift!  May your work be blessed a thousand-fold! I really appreciate your work.