Welcome to www.thesoundlady.com.  Alternative Pain Management and Self Healing with Sound Energy site. Here you will find Sound Solutions to help you manage:

Chronic Pain from Auto Accidents or Sports Injuries, Metabolism, Nausea and Digestion, Constipation, Fluid Retention, Lymph Flow, Incontinence, Gout, Cat Allergies, Stroke and more.

Experience how Sound can trigger your body’s self healing abilities without side effects or painful poking and prodding.

My name is Kathleen Nagy. -I began my professional career as a symphonic musician (french horn) and music teacher  but after 20 yrs I felt a need to forge through the ingredients of crafted “classical” melody, harmony and structure,  to discover the power, beauty and healing properties of tone and harmonics. For the last 20 years I have been a sound health researcher using the power of sound to trigger the bodies natural healing processes to repair physical injuries, and identify nutritional deficiencies. TheSoundLady.com is your one stop shopping for chronic pain management and self healing with sound energy.

You will also find audio file downloads of harmonic voice and horn overtones to trigger you bodys’ natural healing processes for thyroid, kidneys, colon, digestion, lymph, bones and immune system.