The State Of Your Perfect Golf Swing Is In The Sound Of Your Voice

Every human being expresses through the sound of their voice, a symphony of frequencies that vary with our moods and states of well being. Every piece and part of our bodies resonate with specific frequencies.  The muscles required for a golf swing from the toes, to the fingers, to the hip flexors and shoulders can be “heard” by a computer that knows the resonant frequencies of those muscles. In short, a 30 second recording of your voice into a computer, can reveal which muscles are too tight and which are too weak. The state of your swing is literally contained within the sound of your voice.

Your voice print is as individual as your finger print. Frequency data from the vocal chords is transferred to the brain in a feedback loop that informs the brain of the state of health of the body. While that may be a lot to swallow for the average golfer, it is proven to be true from the research of thousands of voice recordings and the emerging science of BioAcoustics.

One BioAcoustic study theorized that the world’s best golfers must share certain personality traits that contribute to their success. When the voice prints of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, Geoff Ogilvy and four other highly regarded golfers were compared, several patterns began to emerge. These champion golfers had several personality traits in common. They all were self-assured, confident, believed in fairness, felt a connection between themselves and the world, and possessed an inner spiritual life. This information was gleaned from the pattern of notes they use when they spoke.

The research of BioAcoustics shows that each note of the scale has both physical AND emotional correlations. The personality traits that were common among the champion golfers were calculated as the computer counted each note that was spoken.

The notes they used in common in their speaking voices also have physical correlations to the strength of certain muscle groups that ensure a great golf swing with just the right amount of power and flexibility.

The sounds of our voices are a type of biofeedback revealing the overall health of the body. We can all hear in a friend’s voice when they sound tired or upset or ecstatic. The brain uses these sounds to triage and regulate energy flow to all of the systems of the body. A BioAcoustic Golf Swing Vocal Resonance Report and Personality Trait Analysis can inform you as to which muscles need stretching and which need strengthening, and which personality traits are helping or hurting your golf game. All it takes to attain the information you can use towards your perfect golf swing, is a phone call from your land line or VOI phone (Cell phone have too many filters to accurately identify your vocal frequencies). I will analyze the frequency data and send you a golf swing muscle strength report.

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