The Power of Sound- The Sound Lady’s beginning of how I went from symphonic musician to BioAcoustic Voice Energy Analysis Researcher. BioAcoustics provides tools and solutions in support of Self-Health by researching the frequency data in a persons voice print. Sharry Edwards, founder of the emerging science of BioAcoustics- the study of sounds made by human beings, has found from analyzing thousands of voice prints that people with similar illnesses, trauma, syndromes and psychologies have similar if not identical frequency markers in their voices.

I have combined my knowledge of which frequencies resonate with which parts of the body and my love for playing and singing into the horn at the same time to create harmonic overtone audio files for you to download that will enhance organs and systems of the body. This short video tells how I found harmonic overtones that strengthened my lungs and made my asthma go away.

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