Chronic Neck Pain
“Kathleen, I have been bragging about you to anyone who will listen! My sound therapy with you has been a “game changer”! My chronic neck, ear, head pain that I have had for 15 yrs. since my car accident is gone! Your next task is to help Russell with his chronic pain. We will be calling you when we return home to Santa Fe for you to set up sessions to help him. You are an Angel:)”

The Power of Harmonics
“Everything is energy and vibration, so sound is the most direct and pain free route! Happy to validate what you do Kathleen, because of help I’ve gotten from you, and also because I’ve seen it in my own work with clients–resonance and vibration are the basis of the healing work I’ve been doing for the last 18 years so I get it. I find that harmonic overtones and other sound modalities are the most powerful of all.” Ellen

Chronic Hamstring Pain
“ I had a nagging pain in my left hamstring for 2 years and no matter how long I stretched it, it would not go away. At the end of the day after teaching fitness classes it was really a problem. I had to cut back on the running that I love because it just hurt too much. I had Kathleen analyze my voice recording and she found that the gluteus medius muscle was at the crux of the problem. Now as a fitness trainer I am trained to evaluate people by looking at their posture etc., but you can ‘t see the gluteus medius muscle. Her software found it to be an overly strong frequency and she programmed a sound into my tone box to help relax it. I also found some exercises to stretch that particular muscle and did them while I listened to the sounds. What a difference! The nagging pain went away after about a week and I have been pain free ever since. Thanks Kathleen!”

“This woman is amazing, you talk into a microphone, that is connected to her computer and this special program she has, and then she takes it home and studies your information. She comes back and she has different sounds to listen to. I listen to them, and all depending on how many sounds are on that week, it’s about 15 to 20 minutes each time to listen to. And that fixes things. This is the medicine of tomorrow that is here today.” Ronda

Arthritis Pain
“As a practicing nurse practitioner for over 35 years I have been introduced to multiple treatment modalities for countless maladies. I am open to Western, Eastern—you name the origin—approaches to healthcare and promotion. I apply the scientific method to assess these options and their potential healing or diagnostic potential. I have suffered the pain and disfigurement of advancing osteoarthritis of my hands and feet for nearly 20 years. Having lived with NSAIDs, cortisone injections and pain while continuing to care for patients and enjoy the activities that bring joy to my life, one can only imagine my hopeful excitement when Kathleen introduced me to Sound Therapy.

Within 2 days of listening to the tones she gave me, the pain in my hands and feet simply stopped. I was able to walk 18 holes of golf, and have the energy for more. My fingers stopped aching and I was able to work in my glass studio, type on the computer and work in the garden without paying the pain price I was so accustomed to. That was 3 full months ago and I am still pain free 95% of the time. Now Kathleen is focusing on WHY the arthritis has attacked my joints and using the technology of sound she has discovered a chemical imbalance in my ability to clear calcium from my body and to prevent it from accumulating in my joints.

I see Sound Therapy as an exciting pathway to diagnosing and treating many issues. I see it as the true “Wave of the Future”, one wave I intend to ride.”  -Kathy

Osteoarthritis Pain
“Thank you so much for relieving my pain. My fingers, golfers elbow and back are all better. The doctor had said I have osteoarthritis and the treatment is pain medication which upsets my stomach. The BioAcoustics worked and I can golf again and live my life pain free-thanks to you Kathleen. With gratitude.” – Dorothy

“My body is overloaded with heavy metals, especially lead. I’m amazed at the results I have with Kathleen’s Lymph Support audio file. I’m so grateful and happy to have an alternative to all the other treatments that I’ve tried in the past. For me, this is by far the most effective and noninvasive detoxing method.”

Muscle Cramps
“I have had to deal with debilitating muscle cramps all of my life. Once a muscle started to cramp whether it was in my legs or arms or back, I was helpless and had to endure excruciating pain until it subsided. But now when a cramp comes on after a hard workout I put on my headphones and listen to my sounds and the cramps just go away almost instantly. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this technology. I am no longer at the mercy of muscle cramps thanks to BioAcoustics and Kathleen Nagy. ”

Torn Lateral Meniscus
“Surgeons said I would require surgery to heal the tear but they were reluctant to operate due to my cancer diagnosis and resulting complications. “After 4 weeks of listening to my sounds for 2-3 hours a day-which was easy to do because I was bed ridden anyway-I was pain free, weight bearing and had regained 100% of my range of motion. I no longer needed possibly risky surgery. I am very grateful for the opportunity to use BioAcoustics it has not only helped with my knee but many other health issues over the past 7 years. I would definitely recommend this blessing of a therapy to everyone!”

Chronic Neck Pain
“I had my hair cut today and for the first time in almost 2 years I could sit in the “shampoo chair” and not experience any pain or discomfort in the neck–WOW!!! The Sound Lady’s program greatly improved the range of motion of my head which had been limited for months due to degenerative discs in my neck and eliminated the need for surgery. Her program also reduced my problem with incontinence.”

Hand Nerve Damage
“Hand dynamometer readings showed my left hand gripping strength to be only half that of my right hand. After listening to sounds for my hand muscles that were stressed on my vocal print for 1.5 hours Kathleen remeasured my hand strength. Now my left hand was stronger than my right hand! After listening to sounds for the nerve damage to my fingers for a month, the tingling and numbness in my fingers of my left hand is completely gone.”

Arm Tremor
“I have had very successful results through The Sound Lady’s program resolving a left hand and arm tremor and dry-eye syndrome.”

Peripheral Neuropathy
“I am writing in regards to the use of the BioAcoustic Method. I was experiencing pain in both legs and feet. The doctor said I have peripheral neuropathy and there was nothing they could do. I tried Kathy’s BioAcoustic sessions and I have been pain free for 3 months. It did wonders for me. – Jim”