Personal BioAcoustic Sound Therapy Session

A personal BioAcoustic Sound Therapy Session involves a 1 minute recording of your voice which I will analyze and identify the frequencies related to your health issue.

We will schedule an appointment time ( in Santa Fe) for you to test the balancing frequencies that I have created from the analysis of your voice recording.

Once I have tested the balancing frequencies that I created for you, the best ones will be programmed into a “tone box” ( a low frequency tone generator about the size of a walkman) and you will take it home with you to listen to the biofeedback balancing frequencies-usually 3x/day for @ 20 minutes.

After about a week I will do a recheck from another recording of your voice to make sure the frequencies you are listening to are having the expected results. I may make a few adjustments to the programming depending on the results of your listening so far.

You will have another week to continue listening to the adjusted frequencies.

At the end of 2 weeks you are usually finished with sound frequencies in the tone box and either you are finished and healed or depending on how long you have had the issue, it will be time to schedule another session for another 2 week period. ( Acute/recent issues can usually be helped in 1 or 2 sessions. Chronic issues will take 3 or more sessions)

Personal BioAcoustic Session


Personal Harmonic Toning Session 

  • A 1 minute voice recording will produce a report which will identify the weaknesses in your vocal pattern that relate to your health issue.
  • Kathleen will sing/play/tone the notes to balance those weaknesses/
  • The session will be recorded as an MP3 which you can take home with you to sustain the effects of the session.
  • Here is a link to download your free NanoVoice software from Sharry Edwards so you can record your own follow up voice files to watch your progress.
  • This session can be done remotely via phone or Skype, or in person in your home in Santa Fe

Personal Harmonic Toning Session