Image of aura before and after horn and voice harmonics

Image of aura before and after horn harmonics

Being a “sound lover” it seemed natural to me to use sound in my meditations. As a professional french hornist and horn lover, it seemed natural to use the horn as a meditation tool. Combining the horn with my voice simultaneously to create harmonics, vibrated all parts of my body. I reasoned it this way…MATTER VIBRATES….SOUND IS VIBRATION….THEREFORE…SOUND EFFECTS MATTER. You just need the specific sound for the specific piece of matter. After playing a series of sounds in my daily meditations I realized my immune system was responding to viruses very quickly, eliminating them before they could take hold in my body. A scratchy throat that in earlier years would have led to an all out cold, would disappear in a matter of hours and not manifest.

When I had the opportunity to play with an aura imaging camera, I decided to do before and after pictures to see if I could see any evidence that these sounds were positively effecting my body. I knew they made me feel better and gave me more energy, but sound being such an intangible thing, was difficult to put into words let alone prove any cause and effect. For me these aura pictures confirmed what I had been experiencing and gave me proof that Sound Effects Matter. The analog .wav audio file I created using horn and voice harmonics that super charged my immune system by playing it 10 minutes a day can now be downloaded Immune Support. You can put it on your pone of computer and charge your immune system too.


If you are also a sound and music lover and already use it to enhance your moods, why not try harmonics for health to improve the health of your body? Enjoy!