Reconnect Your Circuits, Strengthen your energy flow by  integrating your etheric energy centers.

The more you can integrate your heart chakra the more you can live in the space where brilliance is commonplace. And the quicker your mind will be able to let go. Because it will witness the superiority of the hearts wisdom and surrender to it for your highest good. The plumbing already exists, it just hasn’t been consciously used for a very long time.  We will teach you how to reconnect your energetic system so that you can live the life you were meant to live.

Experience, understand the natural pathways of energy between the chakras that  interlace  them through your heart center. Feel the energy move as you sing the connections to life.

Originally this was a CD, but here, it is an audio file down load that you can put on your computer or cell phone.

Here’s a short testimonial from :Reverand AdaRa Walton ND, PhD.

This wonderful audio file contains 2 extremely useful pieces developed for the use of clearing the 7 main chakras with voice, frequency and sound!
Kathleen Nagy is known as “The Sound Lady” here in Santa Fe. With her wonderful French horn and use of her voice in doing “overtoning” atop the French horn, they have produced an audio file that not only sounds good but is also effective in a very short period of time.
A person can sit or lie down while listening to clear each main chakra within minutes using the color and sound being given and heard.

In my view, this is one of the most efficient ways to address the chakras, especially for those not familiar with these important energy centers.
I have used this for my own chakra clearing and recommended it to others. I feel it is a “MUST” to have as a student, Practitioner or addition to anyone’s energy healing practice. It is straightforward, clear and easy to use.

This is an opportunity to reestablish your natural energy flow through guided meditation, visualizations and toning. To download a chakra meditation audio file with a 7 chakra meditation and a chakra integration meditation by Kathleen Nagy and Kevin Snow The Desert Shaman, ($5.00) click the Add to Cart  button below