• How humming can increase a corona virus killing molecule called Nitric Oxide
    • How to hum to increase Nitric Oxide in nasal passages and sinuses
    • How to create harmonics with your voice, using tongue positions and vowel sounds
    • The importance of the 3rd harmonic to the structural integrity of a weak note
    • How to buzz with your lips for health benefits similar to yoga exercises
    • How to play a pitch pipe in lieu of humming
    • How to play harmonics on a pitch pipe
    • How to play the same immune boosting series of harmonic chords that I used in the aura imaging case study.
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  • Learn to hum the notes that correspond to your chakra’s emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions while listening to the mp3's of your body's chakra harmonics. After completing the 8 week course you will be given a Certificate of Completion. Read more below.
  • PDF download for Professional Horn Players Professional and novice horn players will find palpable solutions that get to the root cause of physical and emotional imbalances. Horn Harmonics for Health helps you uncover the valuable tools already within your grasp. Playing and humming harmonics: ~ Releases endorphins that promote well-being and enhanced immune support ~ Increases nitric oxide in the sinuses to hinder respiratory illness ~ Raises cellular oxygen levels to assist lymphatic drainage and the body’s trash removal ~ Stimulates the pineal gland to increase melatonin levels and relieve insomnia ~ Strengthens your energetic auric field and protects you from outer negative influences ~ Utilizes your body’s musical key to calm your nerves before a performance When you know how to play the harmonics of your body's musical key, you foster a more conscious, collaborative relationship with your body’s natural healing processes. This handbook will teach you how to become the amplifier and receiver of your own revitalizing sounds!    
  • You have a hidden superpower... It can give you the energy you need to feel better, sleep better, and live better. It’s readily accessible, Inexpensive and highly effective. It is…your voice!
  • Choose your root chakra note to download a .zip file containing 7 mp3's  of the first 16 harmonics chimed for each of the 7 chakras of your personal chakra scale.
  • The .pdf file you receive when you purchase this mp3 describes how your chakras are chimed to connect them all through the heart chakra. The mp3 itself has no narration track, just the sound of the chimes playing the 3 triads which connect the chakras through the heart. While you listen imagine the infinity loop of energy connecting the chakras and hum along to feel your voice moving the energy through your body. Chakras Connect Through the Heart     Includes Chakra Connections Meditation PDF file.
  • How do I find my root chakra? How do I choose between high (H) and low (L)?  See explanation below under “description”.
  • How do I find my root chakra? How do I choose between high (H) and low (L)? See explanation below under “description”.
  • “Prayer Songs” is a CD for meditation and relaxation utilizing french horn and vocal harmonics. It is @38 minutes in duration with 9 separate pieces. All music was composed by Kathleen Nagy except the Latin hymn “O Sanctissima” and “Victimae Paschale Laude”.
  • The sound spectrum of our individual voices reveals the musical key to which our body’s emotions are tuned. Learning your body’s personal chakra scale notes and your body’s musical key, will balance your emotions and calm your nerves for relief of Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia and Depression. You will experience first- hand your chakras actually vibrating. The subtle vibration helps to release stuck cellular emotional memory from the cells of your body that could be causing you pain and sleepless nights. Included in this course is a simple humming technique using notes that were derived from the sound of your sigh. This humming technique can unlock emotional cellular memory AND release unconscious feelings that are stuck. This simple technique utilizes your Emotional Energy Distribution System otherwise known as your chakra energy centers. Our chakras are connected etherically to major glands of our endocrine system. Some of these glands create hormones that regulate how our body’s respond to our emotions. For example-our emotion of fear tells our body to create adrenaline and cortisol, when the fear is gone our body’s create noradrenaline which calms down the body from flight or fight mode. Our emotions, conscious or unconscious, owned or stuffed are distributed into our cells by our chakra energy centers. An emotion like fear is picked up by our chakra energy center and that fear is literally distributed into the cells of our bodies to trigger glandular, hormonal physical processes. Learn from a Sound Master how Sound creates the space within which alignment is possible! In this online class you’ll discover: - how to hum your personal chakra scale and feel your chakras vibrate in your body and balance your emotions - how to use your chakra notes to relieve emotionally triggered pain in all parts of the body
  • Voice Energy Analysis or BioAcoustics is:
    • A  noninvasive emerging science gleaning acoustic biofeedback  from the sound of your voice.
    • A recording of the energy of the voice which can be analyzed for physical and emotional imbalances.
    • Finds frequencies in your recorded voice print that correlate to muscles, biochemicals, pathogens, toxins and more.
    • A way to give your body the energy it needs to make repairs and maintain homeostasis by listening to low frequency analog sound
    Who will find this information useful?
    • People who want relief from pain without the side effects of pain medicines
    • Individuals interested their personal emotional strengths and weaknesses
    • Personal fitness trainers and gyms
    • People who are looking for a noninvasive way to enhance:
      • Pain management
      • Nerve regeneration
      • Thyroid/metabolism
      • Disc regeneration
      • Muscle relaxation and anti-spasm
      • Fibromyalgia pain management
      • Inflammation management
      • Cat allergy management
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    Private Session: Chakra Harmonics 8 Week Course

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    If you would rather do your chakra work with Kathleen one on one instead of in a class format, this is the offer for you! This 8-week online class is made up of 2 Levels. The first Saturday is Level 1 where you learn your personal chakra scale, your body’s musical key and how to connect your chakras through your heart center. Level 2 is the following 7 Saturdays. These weeks will be a deep dive into each chakra starting from the root. You will learn to hum along with the harmonic mp3’s that contain the emotional, mental, and spiritual harmonic notes of each of the 7 major chakras. You will spend a week working with these sounds for each chakra which will give you time to process anything that comes up to be cleared. You will journal your experiences. We will start at the Root and build support and balance from the bottom to the top. Working this way from the Root to the Crown over a period of about two months offers a complete clearing that will last. (Level 1=1 week )Humming you chakra notes vibrates the physical body in the area of the chakra.  Sometimes this is sufficient to reset the chakras balance and energy. Sometimes you need to go deeper. (Level 2=7 weeks) Learn to hum the notes that correspond to your chakras emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of your auric field. Included in Level 1 : 3 mp3's of your personal chakra scale with guided meditations. Included in Level 2: 7 mp3's chiming  the first 16 harmonics for each of your chakras. 
  • What's a Sonic Selfie? It's a snapshot of your inner energy, as portrayed by the sound of your voice, when recorded with voice analysis software. The frequencies in our voices are relayed to our brains through our ears and the nerves that innervate our vocal chords. The brain gleans valuable information about the health of our body from these vocal sounds.
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