I have been using my french horn for many years as a sound healing tool for myself and others. I found that playing a note on the horn while I also sing a note into the horn, created complex chords that could be used as powerful tools for enhancing the form and function of your body. I realized in a moment of brilliance that I could teach people to do basically the same thing on a $35 Chromatic  pitch pipe which would make these sound healing techniques available to the general public.
I have been a student of Sharry Edwards, creator of the emerging sciense of BioAcoutics for almost 20 years. I learned that Your voice print is a tangible representation of emotional and physical balance , based on your vocal speech patterns. BioAcoustic research as pioneered by Sharry Edwards, has identified emotional and physical aspects for each note of the scale from analyzing thousands of vocal prints/recordings. The emerging science of BioAcoustics has created a frequency map of the human body.

The note correlations herein use excerpts from Sharry Edwards published “Note Correlations Chart” . The case study below uses notes which Sharry Edwards has correlated to certain body systems. It also utilizes an aura imaging camera and software to record energy changes in the body.

Effects of Sound Therapy Overtones/Harmonics on the Aura Concluded:

The energy of each biological process(circulation,digestion,elimination, respiration) and its corresponding chakra, was accelerated to a higher frequency as evidenced by the aura camera calculations and photos.
The sound of the harmonics resonated with the intended chakra energy centers and raised their vibrational frequencies as you can see in the aura photos. YOU CAN SING YOUR BODY TO ENERGIZE IT!