Private Session: Your Personal Harmonic Chakra Clearing

$175.00 $120.00

Once you have scheduled and completed Level 1-“Your Personal Chakra Session” with me, this is Level 2. You may find that you need extra work on some of your chakras that simply humming their notes doesn’t address.  Humming you chakra notes vibrates the physical body in the area of the chakra. Sometimes this is sufficient to reset the chakras balance and energy. Sometimes you need to go deeper. Learn to hum the notes that correspond to your chakras emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

Included in this session: mp3’s of the first 16 harmonics for each of your chakras.

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Pre-requisite: Level 1 – Your Bodies Musical Key and Personal Chakra Scale

For those of you who have already scheduled and completed level 1 with me, and you already know your personal chakra notes, this session is for deep work into the chakra of your choice. I will teach you how to hum the harmonics of your chakra note to access the emotional, mental and spiritual planes using the 3rd, 4th and 5th chakra harmonics. Included is an mp3 with the first 16 harmonics to each of your chakra notes- chimed in an A=432Hz scale. This scale has been shown in clinical studies to repair DNA. “

Scientifically, an energy field is defined as a medium that connects two or more points in space, through energy expressed as tone or vibration. 

So, an energy field is a frequency field. The field can be changed, adjusted, and transformed by changing the frequency of the field. Resetting this field back to its perfection of harmony, cooperation and balance, can be accomplished by changing the frequency of the field which causes a shift in the field. This shift in the field creates a space within which alignment is possible.

Once you have been through the process with me you will know how to do the same work with your other chakras, and you will have the mp3’s so you can hum  along.



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