Personal Sound Spa- 1 Day Retreat (Regular Price $1100) On Sale for $899!

BioAcoustic Session ($400 Value)

  • nVoice Vocal Profile Report
  • Toning for imbalance with pitch pipe
  • Nanovoice software link to do your own voice monitoring
  • Vocal Analysis Portal Report and Sound Balancing for 1 issue
  • Tone box listening for 1 week

Chakra Scale Session ($200 Value)

  • How to play a pitch pipe
  • Chimes and toning of each chakra root-crown
  • MP3 file of your chakra notes

Chakra Connection Session ($200 Value)

  • Chimes and toning of chakra connection note patterns
  • MP3 of your chakra connection note patterns

Toning Physical and Emotional Issues ($300 Value)

  • Toning or playing pitch pipe to access body parts that lie between the chakra centers
  • Clearing emotional blocks related to specific chakras