Individual Chakra Connections mp3


The .pdf file you receive when you purchase this mp3 describes how your chakras are chimed to connect them all through the heart chakra. The mp3 itself has no narration track, just the sound of the chimes playing the 3 triads which connect the chakras through the heart. While you listen imagine the infinity loop of energy connecting the chakras and hum along to feel your voice moving the energy through your body.

Chakras Connect Through the Heart



Includes Chakra Connections Meditation PDF file.

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You can discover your body’s musical key and your root chakra note by purchasing the DIY instructional video “The Chakra Sound Spa Experience of Your Body’s Musical Key”, or by scheduling a private online session with The Sound Lady.

To choose the proper octave for your chakra scale mp3’s ( in the pull down above, you will see a choice of High or  Low) use a piano tuner app from the internet like “PANO  TUNER” for Mac and PC. When you sing into these piano tuner apps, they will display the note you are singing with its exact frequency below it. You can download this app to your mobile phone, here.

When you sing your root chakra note into this app on your phone, it will tell you the frequency and note you are singing. Compare that to the chart below. If the frequency is between 64Hz and 123Hz, you need to choose the (L) Low octave choice. If the frequency is higher than 128Hz you should choose (H) high octave choice.

Additional information

Root Chakra

A, A#_Bflat, Aflat_G#, B, C, C#_Dflat, D, D#_EFlat, E, F, F#_GFlat, G

Voice Pitch (High or Low)

High, Low


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