Individual Chakra Chimed Harmonics mp3’s


Choose your root chakra note to download a .zip file containing 7 mp3’s  of the first 16 harmonics chimed for each of the 7 chakras of your personal chakra scale.

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Harmonics are full-spectrum sound. It’s easier to understand harmonics if you think of them as full-spectrum colors similar to full-spectrum light. When one note is played, depending on the resonance of the room, the more harmonics in that note, the fuller the sound. The harmonics of a note are the brother and sister tones that sound along with the main note because they are mathematically related. Harmonics are the brothers, sisters and cousins of the one note that is sounding. It’s a natural phenomenon of the physics of sound; it’s how a sound naturally expands. The Harmonic Series of notes are a predictable series of notes which expand naturally out of the main note when it is sustained in a resonant environment.

To get to the root of a problem within one of your chakras, it may not be enough to just hum or buzz that chakra’s note. Our chakras are multidimensional as they are etheric energy. The magnetic field which invisibly surrounds our bodies contains different energetic dimensions. Our Biofield or magnetic field expands the same way sound expands harmonically. The chimed  harmonics on these mp3’s will vibrate the chakra’s energy field to reset and clear old stuck cellular memory that could be causing pain or sleepless nights.  If you hum the chakra note while the harmonics of that chakra are being chimed on the mp3, you will begin to feel the different energetic dimensions of your Biofield.  As you strengthen your magnetic field using your body’s personal harmonics, you will be able to remain peaceful and calm as you walk through life’s moments of chaos.

There are 7 mp3’s in this .zip file. One mp3 for each of your 7 major chakras. Each mp3 starts with chiming the chakra note 5 times and then chiming the first 8 harmonics of that note also 5 times. The following 8 harmonics are chimed only once, completing the 16 harmonic note pattern.

Here is a chart of the first 8 harmonics for each chakra note.



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Root Chakra

A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#

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