Humming for Health Retreat-Ground, Relax, Recharge June 24-26-2022


Learn how to

-Use your quiet humming voice to hum the sounds that will instantly relax your body and balance your emotions

-Use Grounding Exercises to help you connect to the Earth and decrease inflammation in your body

-Grounding breaks the stuck adrenaline and cortisol cycle of flight or flight



Decompress and Ground Yourself with Your Personal Grounding Note

Picture yourself sitting at the edge of the clearest lake with the sandiest bottom in all the Adirondack Mountains. Feel the stillness and the quiet calm that fills this space.


Imagine you are softly humming the notes of your body’s musical key while listening to your own personally programmed choir chimes mp3.

With your bare feet firmly on Mother Earth you are finally feeling calm and grounded. You are enjoying the company of like minded tree huggers who have also come here to ground, relax and recharge.

The camaraderie solidifies our connections to each other and the planet we all call home.









This visionary retreat nestled in the loving branches of the pines, on the edge of a magical lake with it’s backdrop of the highest mountain the the Adirondacks combines to equal so much more than the sum of its parts.

The planet needs us to reconnect more than ever. There is no time to lose. That’s why now is the perfect time to take a few steps toward grounding our energy for maximum output.

Using our voice to connect our energy to the Earth is, in my opinion, the best way to help you make the difference you came here to make.

That being said, is this you?

  • You yearn for experiences that are awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, heart-opening, and above all…LIFE changing.
  • You know with all your heart that you are being called to a deeper awareness on your path to embodying your spirituality.
  • You are driven to be the change that you want to see in the world.
  • You feel called to inspire and empower others.
  • You crave freedom and time to recharge and nurture your creativity and health.
  • You yearn for adventure and the space to connect with like minded way-showers to exchange ideas and possibilities.

If you answered YES to 4 of these or more then this harmonious retreat was made especially with you in mind! And that’s exactly why you are going to love my Humming for Health Retreat.

It’s a weekend of delicious nutritional food, rejuvenation, slow walking, Labyrinth walking and grounding meditations and a drumming circle for maximum FUN, which is what we all need after the past couple of years.

There’s something about the magical energy of the pines and water here that once you have experienced it this way, you will never forget.

Tired of learning on Zoom calls?  let’s get back to nature….

The Venue…

Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat 

Over 130 years and 4 generations of hospitality in one of the world’s highly regarded natural sanctuaries that became known as the “Healing Woods” have created a sense of place where “re-calibrating” and re-connecting has become our natural and human nature.

These natural tonics became one of our region’s most ancient attractions accented during the late 1800’s Cure Cottage Days and steeped in the therapeutic properties of our pine and balsam earthed in New York State’s only designated wilderness canoe region. Lake Clear itself, a natural monument where Adirondack waters flow north to Canada and east to Lake Champlain. Our 25 acres a historic and natural gathering place, a National Geographic Traveler award for “Keeping a sense of place.” The Lodge itself beginning as a stagecoach inn, a Cure Cottage Resort and an illustrious speakeasy in its history as now the Adirondacks longest operating Great Lodge.

The Labyrinths and Lake…

Cathy Hohmeyer co owner of Lake Clear Lodge has created a spectacular garden labyrinth within her herb and vegetable garden.

It is in the shape of the Avalon or King Arthur Labyrinth

The lines in this drawing are garden beds that you walk around to get to the center. Walking meditations have many benefits:

Boost blood flow.
Improve digestion. …
Reduce anxiety. …
Improves blood sugar levels and circulation. …
Alleviates depression. …
Improves well-being. …
Improves sleep quality. …


Chronic Inflammation cycle explained:

Inflammation is produced by neutrophils which are white blood cells that surround a damaged cell. They release  reactive oxygen species into the damaged cell which rip electrons from the cell and destroy the cell. White blood cells also release free radicals at the injury site, they chew up any pathogens, bacteria or dead cells. They clear the repair field and some of the free radicals. During this process, some of the free radicals are released into the surrounding tissue. If we are not properly grounded to the Earth, there’s not enough free electrons there to reduce the remaining free radicals. The white blood cells then steal an electron from a healthy cell and in the process damage it. Then the message goes out to the immune system to send more neutrophils and the whole process begins again.

Walking barefoot while replenishing up our supply of electrons and meditating is one thing, doing it within a Labyrinth while humming your personal grounding note is very powerful. We will be walking and meditating and humming and listening in the Labyrinth and in the Lake.

The picture below is another type of Labyrinth that is made of canvas which can be laid on the ground right next to the shore of Lake Clear. It is the only lake in the Adirondacks with a soft, sandy bottom and a reported energy portal in the middle.

Lake Clear King Arthur Labyrinth at night

The Cuisine…

They focus on a 100-mile product philosophy based on Chef Cathy’s pioneer family who originally built the lodge in 1886. Cathy and Earnest fuse this with the Old World traditions of Ernest’s European family, who bought the lodge 50 years ago.

Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer, an occupational therapist who has created her signature culinary naturopathy cuisine, continues the generational tradition where your table is yours for the evening, limited to a dining room of 40 guests. Or, you can order a takeout picnic basket to enjoy in your artisan lodging or at the lake.

The Lodge is the oldest continuing operating lodge in the Adirondack Park. They honor traditional and real foods wellness cooking including:

  • Fresh vegetable stocks
  • Slow roasts
  • Hand-cut meats
  • Bone broths
  • Natural herbs and spices

All prepared in a unique “culinary naturopathy” cuisine as one of only seven Audubon International Platinum Green Hotels.

Dinners include vegetable stock & bone broth soups, Chef Accompaniments (choices vary each evening) such as fresh Lodge garden and farm vegetables, red cabbage, ancient grains such as quinoa, spaetzle or hand-grated potato pancakes.

  • Ability to browse our Hand-crafted Beer & Wine Cellar with the Adirondack’s largest selection of craft-import beers.

Adirondack Alps Dinner Examples…

All entrées include fresh bread, nightly soup, farm-fresh nightly salad, chef’s accompaniments 

Farm-to-Fork Entrées

Hunter’s Stroganoff   Slow simmered grass-fed beef in red wine with
peppers, mushrooms and onions. Served over parsleyed noodles.‍

Lodge Garden Vegetable Napoleon   Seasonal vegetables layered between puffed pastry. Seasoned with salt,
pepper, coriander, dill, and basil; topped with freshly melted local cheese.‍

Adirondack Lodge Fish Bouillabaisse   A melody of Adirondack style fish, which may include salmon, mussels and white fish, are simmered in fresh stock. Served with herbed bread, and Tucker Farms’ potatoes.

Special gluten free, vegan, dairy free, etc. entrees only available with prior notice.

Children’s Menu   Lodge Classic Pork Schnitzel ~ Mac and Local Cheese ~ Children’s Portions

What you will discover…

Given that your brain is listening to the sound of your voice to make biochemical adjustments to your well being all day long whether you are aware of it or not…Your voice is all you need to clear, energize and balance your emotions.

Hi, my name is Kathleen Nagy aka The Sound Lady and I’m here to teach you how to use your quiet humming voice to hum the sounds that will instantly relax and balance your emotions.


What if there was a simple technique that would help you achieve a more balanced and less stressful life?


What if I told you a simple humming technique using notes that were derived from the sound of your sigh, Ahhhh could unlock emotional cellular memory AND release unconscious feelings that are stuck causing you pain, anxiety and sleepless nights?

All of this and more is possible this weekend.

Benefits of the Humming for Health Retreat

  • Hum the notes of your personal chakra scale to relieve Anxiety, Insomnia, PTSD and Depression
  • How to increases Nitric Oxide in the sinuses to hinder respiratory illnesses
  • How to release endorphins that promote wellbeing and enhanced immune support
  • How to raises cellular oxygen levels to increase lymphatic drainage and the body’s trash removal
  • How Grounding can eliminate inflammation in your body
  • How Grounding and Humming activate our sympathetic nervous system and turns off the autonomic nervous system that keeps us in flight or flight
  • Walking and standing meditations for grounding your energy into the Earth
  • How to connect your energy to the earth using your voice
  • How to walk, meditate and ground within Lake Clear Lodge’s own Labyrinth

We need electrons for energy. We run our bodies systems with ATP (adenosine triphosphate) also known as the energy molecule. There is an electron transport chain in our cell’s mitochondria which generates this energy molecule .

Illness begins when we disconnect from nature. Looking through a microscope at a piece of wood going deeper and deeper into the wood your see molecules. But they are not connected. What’s holding everything together? Electromagnetism is the force that’s holding everything together. All of our organs are electrical equipment being run by electron sparks. When we disconnect form nature we not only lose electrons that are so important to stopping chronic inflammation, but our natural rhythms are negatively affected. We are beings of the Earth. Her rhythms are in our DNA. Gaia’s daily turning defines our waking and sleeping hours. Pacha Mama’s spinning around the sun encodes our body’s seasonal rhythms. Disconnection initiates malfunctions in our biological systems. Grounding our energy in the Earth repairs these disconnections.


Kathleen, your patience, peace, integrity, honesty, and profound desire to help yesterday clearly demonstrated that you are a living example of what we each can achieve by working with sound especially with the only one biological musical instrument- our voice. I am so glad that I followed my inner guidance and participated in this master class. My heart is full of love, gratitude, and joy … thank you again
Hi Kathleen! Sara and I really feel a difference since the Sunday class, especially in our digestion and mood. Wow! I mentioned on Sunday that I felt it in the back of my throat in front of my spine, and I think the humming stimulates my vagus nerve, which would explain the mood and digestion improvement. And my ear that’s been stuffy for 8 years is starting to drain. Wow!
Thank you so much! I’m so grateful!
Kim and Sara
Hey Kathleen!
Lots of great things happening since the class I took with you last Sunday… my lung capacity has improved, my digestion is AMAZING, and my energy is up.
Kindly, Sara Y.

The Sound Lady’s Retreat Includes:

  • Prior to the weekend we will schedule a 45 minute Zoom session to discover your personal chakra scale. ($100 value)
  • I’ll teach you how to hum the musical notes that vibrate your 7 major chakra energy centers.
  • Then you’ll receive your personal chakra notes chart with your chakra notes filled in.









I will then load your personal mp3’s onto your new mp3 player.

Your Own Dedicated mp3 player loaded with your chakra scale mp3’s and charts ($95 Value)

-Your Personal Chakra Scale With Guided Meditation mp3

-Your Personal Chakra Scale Without Guided Meditation mp3

-Chakra Correlations Chart

-Your Root Chakra Harmonics mp3

-Chakra Harmonics Chart


  My New Book ($19.00 Value) 








We will use this as a reference resource at the retreat

SPECIAL OFFER-these will be added to your mp3 player…

Claim Two Free Gifts With Your Order! These will be added to your mp3 player for ease of access:

Immune Support Harmonics mp3 ($20 Value)

French Horn and vocal harmonic overtones that energize your

Immune System to help fight off infections.

Digestion Support Harmonics mp3 ($20 Value)

French Horn and vocal harmonic overtones that energize your Digestive Organs for maximum assimilation.

Last day to register is June 15

Normally a $254 value!

Register Humming for Health Retreat for just $199 today!

What happens after you register?

  • I will set a time for a zoom session with you prior to the Retreat so we can discover your body’s musical scale
  • I will load your mp3 player with your personal chimed chakra meditation mp3’s.
  • I will load your bonus Immune Support and Digestion Support mp3’s onto your mp3 player
  • You will need to call the Lodge and purchase your room and board options also prior to June 15 (518-891-1489 ) when you reserve your room you will be given free access to Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer’s Common Roots Cookbook!

The Sound Lady’s Cancellation Policy for this retreat- If you cancel after you have had your zoom session with me to discover your personal chakra scale, you will be refunded 50% of you $199 retreat fee. If you cancel before you have your zoom session with me than you will be refunded the entire amount $199.

Lake Clear Lodge has it’s own cancellation policy which you will learn once you reserve your room and board. Basically they take 50% to reserve your spot and the other 50% 1 week prior to the retreat date. If you cancel within 1 week of the retreat you will be able to use the money you paid for the retreat to be used on a future vacation or retreat.

Register Now!



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