Humming for Health Sound Therapy Retreat


Learn how to

-use your quiet humming voice to hum the sounds that will instantly relax and balance your emotions

-Excellent for PTSD, Insomnia, Anxiety and Depression

-Grounding Exercises to help you connect to the Earth


Decompress and Ground Yourself with Your Personal Grounding Note

Picture yourself sitting at the edge of the clearest lake with the sandiest bottom in all the Adirondack Mountains. Feel the stillness and the quiet calm that fills this space.

Imagine you are softly humming the notes of your body’s musical key while listening to your own personally programmed choir chimes mp3.

With your feet firmly on Mother Earth you are finally feeling calm and grounded, and you never want to leave………

Hi, my name is Kathleen Nagy aka The Sound Lady and I’m here to teach you how to use your quiet humming voice to hum the sounds that will instantly relax and balance your emotions.

Need some Self-Care time? You love using your favorite music to adjust your moods and to keep you going because your life is stressful – and – you need all the help you can get keeping it together. You’re having trouble sleeping through the nights because of worries and anxiety pumps through your veins during the day.

If you could only get a good night’s sleep, and wake up without those familiar nagging pains, your day might go a whole lot better.

You’d have more energy.

You’d be more flexible, both physically and emotionally.

You’d have more confidence and peace of mind.

What if there was a simple technique that would help you achieve a more balanced and less stressful life?

What if I told you a simple humming technique using notes that were derived from the sound of your sigh, Ahhhh could unlock emotional cellular memory AND release unconscious feelings that are stuck causing you pain, anxiety and sleepless nights?

All of this and more is possible within this weekend “Humming for Health Sound Therapy Retreat”.

Tired of learning on Zoom calls?  let’s get back to nature….

The Lake Clear Lodges and Retreat Center boasts over 150 years of hospitality experience in one of the world’s highly regarded natural sanctuaries that became known as the “Healing Woods” where re-calibrating and re-connecting has become our natural mission.


October is prime Fall foliage in the mountains. You’ll want to book early because space is already filling up. This Lodge has been here for over 150 years. They even have their own stagecoach! Rides are given on Saturday afternoons.

As part of your retreat package you get shared room-either with 2 twin beds and bath or a 2 bedroom with 1 bath suite, Pub dinner Friday, hearty brunch and dinner Sat, brunch Sunday. ($450 value)

If you want to bring your family or need a private room call 518-891-1489 for special pricing

Lake Clear Lodge

Humming for Health

Sound Therapy Retreat

Given that your brain is listening to the sound of your voice to make biochemical adjustments to your well being all day long whether you are aware of it or not…Your voice is all you need to clear, energize and balance your emotions.

Here’s What You’ll Discover…

Hum the notes of your personal chakra scale to relieve Anxiety, Insomnia, PTSD and Depression

How to increases Nitric Oxide in the sinuses to hinder respiratory illnesses

How to release endorphins that promote wellbeing and enhanced immune support

How to raises cellular oxygen levels to increase lymphatic drainage and the body’s trash removal

Bring a hand drum for a nighttime drumming circle on Saturday!


Kathleen, your patience, peace, integrity, honesty, and profound desire to help yesterday clearly demonstrated that you are a living example of what we each can achieve by working with sound especially with the only one biological musical instrument- our voice. I am so glad that I followed my inner guidance and participated in this master class. My heart is full of love, gratitude, and joy … thank you again

Hi Kathleen! Sara and I really feel a difference since the Sunday class, especially in our digestion and mood. Wow! I mentioned on Sunday that I felt it in the back of my throat in front of my spine, and I think the humming stimulates my vagus nerve, which would explain the mood and digestion improvement. And my ear that’s been stuffy for 8 years is starting to drain. Wow!
Thank you so much! I’m so grateful!
Kim and Sara

Hey Kathleen!
Lots of great things happening since the class I took with you last Sunday… my lung capacity has improved, my digestion is AMAZING, and my energy is up.
Kindly, Sara

Sara Y.

Here’s Everything You Get…

Your Own Dedicated mp3 player loaded with your chakra scale mp3’s and charts ($95 Value)

-Your Personal Chakra Scale With Guided Meditation mp3

-Your Personal Chakra Scale Without Guided Meditation mp3

-Chakra Correlations Chart

-Your Root Chakra Harmonics mp3

-Chakra Harmonics Chart







  My New Book ($19.00 Value)




We will use this as a workbook for the retreat







Your Body’s Musical Key

First-I’ll teach you how to hum the musical notes that vibrate your 7 major chakras

Then you’ll receive your personal chakra notes chart with your chakra notes filled in ($100 Value)







Claim Two Free Gifts With Your Order! These will be added to your mp3 player for ease of access:

Immune Support Harmonics mp3 ($20 Value)

French Horn and vocal harmonic overtones that energize your

Immune System to help fight off infections.

Digestion Support Harmonics mp3 ($20 Value)

French Horn and vocal harmonic overtones that energize your Digestive Organs for maximum assimilation.


Get Humming for Health Sound Therapy Retreat for just $500 today!


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