Horn Harmonics for Health – PDF download for Professional Horn Players


PDF download for Professional Horn Players

Professional and novice horn players will find palpable solutions that get to the root cause of physical and emotional imbalances. Horn Harmonics for Health helps you uncover the valuable tools already within your grasp. Playing and humming harmonics:
~ Releases endorphins that promote well-being and enhanced immune support
~ Increases nitric oxide in the sinuses to hinder respiratory illness
~ Raises cellular oxygen levels to assist lymphatic drainage and the body’s trash removal
~ Stimulates the pineal gland to increase melatonin levels and relieve insomnia
~ Strengthens your energetic auric field and protects you from outer negative influences
~ Utilizes your body’s musical key to calm your nerves before a performance

When you know how to play the harmonics of your body’s musical key, you foster a more conscious, collaborative relationship with your body’s natural healing processes. This handbook will teach you how to become the amplifier and receiver of your own revitalizing sounds!





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Horn Harmonics for Health is a Horn players Handbook for Physical and Emotional Balance. The best instrument for playing and singing harmonics is the French Horn. There are thousands of horn players all over the world who don’t realize that they are holding in their laps an immensely powerful instrument for their own self healing.


French Horn as a Sound Therapy Tool

What are Harmonics?

How to Play harmonics on a Pitch Pipe

How to Play Harmonics on the French Horn

Guided Meditation with your French Horn

How to Discover Your Body’s Musical Key and Notes to Your Personal Chakra Scale

How to Sing Your Root Chakra

Chakra Harmonics

Chakra Harmonics Meditation

Harmonics for Body Systems and Organs

Voice Analysis Software

Online Courses and Sessions

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