DIY: The Chakra Sound Spa Experience of Your Body’s Musical Key


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Hi, I’m Kathleen Nagy aka The Sound Lady, with a revolutionary new product

The Chakra Sound Spa Experience of Your Body’s Musical Key

Which is a download of mp3s,

  • an instructional video
  • a personally customized to the musical key of your voice
  • guided meditation that I’m convinced are going to help a lot of people manage issues like

Anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, depression, chronic back pain, annoying neck pain, along with elimination and digestive issues.

AND…You don’t have to take my word for it- you will experience it first- hand.

When you find your body’s notes, you will feel your chakras vibrating in your body and you will become a believer.

You can also read the testimonials below from other satisfied users.

This is not going to be your traditional sales pitch. I’m not going to ask you to signup for a “FREE” webinar that will take an hour of your time and would be filled with upselling you to other more expensive products.

  • There won’t be a lot of repetition
  • I’m not going to hold you hostage until the end of this video so that you will get some special bonus

I’ll make this as clear and concise as I can for you.

My intention is to energetically draw the people to this information who will really benefit from this original technique.

The Chakra Sound -Spa Experience is going to take a little work on your part and I know that might not be what some folks are looking for so there is a 100% money back refund policy if it’s not for you.

Here’s how I created these revolutionary, personally customized to your voice and your body Chakra Sound-Spa Experience meditations to help you

Discover and Experience the notes that balance your emotions and calm your nerves.

Years ago, when I meditated on my chakras using my imagination, I was always frustrated that I could not feel them or see them, and I began to wonder if they really existed. I began to think it was all a bunch of woo woo.

Then I remembered when I was diagnosed with asthma at age 40. How I hated the daily inhalers and meds that made me feel so jittery.  I experimented with trying to find a note in my voice that really vibrated my lungs. I hummed around and found it. When I toned that note every day for 20 minutes, I was able to decrease and then stop using my inhalers and after a couple of months my asthma was gone. And to this day more than 20 yrs later, it has never come back.

I decided to try the same logic on my chakras. Could I hum a sound that would vibrate a chakra in my body so that I could feel it and know it was real? When I came up with the note that vibrated my root chakra, and I felt a subtle tingling in my coccyx, at the bottom of my spine. It was a real breakthrough for me. I could feel this invisible thing called a chakra; it was real! Feeling this chakra vibrate in my body added a whole new level of relationship with my chakras that I was eager to investigate.

It was these investigations that led me to create this Mp3 package of audio downloads with beautiful chakra chimes scales, and guided meditations that I call

The Chakra Sound-Spa Experience. Because after spending 20 minutes listening to your personal chakra chimes scale, you will feel as relaxed as if you just spent hundreds of dollars on a day at the spa.

I used choir chimes to play your chakra scale, repeating each chakra note 5 times. The rich harmonics in these chimes are very calming and relaxing.

After a lifetime of being surrounded in sound and music as an orchestral musician, music teacher and meditator, I have created The Chakra Sound-Spa Experience (Guided Meditation mp3’s).

This product teaches the listener to find the notes that vibrates their chakras. Not anyone else’s chakras, but your chakras in your body. Vibrating the chakras with the voice or by listening to the beautiful chimes playing your body’s chakra notes on the meditation mp3’s, you can experience the unique sensation of tingling energy in your chakra energy centers, while all your emotions are calmed and balanced.

Listening to the beautiful chimes on the mp3’s that are in the key of your body’s emotions, relives anxiety, insomnia, depression and the emotional trauma of PTSD.

Remember that this is not the type of guided meditation mp3 that you can buy and listen to without doing a little work to first customize it to your voice. When you are listening to Your Personal Chakra Scale, it will only sound and feel fabulous to you. Your body’s emotions are tuned to the key of your voice. Your sound spectrum contains the balancing notes of your body’s chakra energy centers and their emotion regulating hormones.

Another reason you’ll love these personal chakra chimes scales is that the chimes have been tuned to the A 432Hz scale and not the A 440 Hz scale.

Spoiler Alert-

These is not your grandfathers’ chakra meditations.

There are plenty of comprehensive books on the subject of chakras on Amazon. This is very different. This is an entirely new way of working with your chakra energy centers from the perspective of a sound master.

The conventional wisdom on the subject of the notes that correspond to the 7 major chakra energy centers in your body is a C major scale. Every book or chart that I could find dealing with the “sounds” of the 7 major chakras always displayed a C major scale.

I have discovered that all human beings do not resonate to a C major scale! When I work with my clients identifying the notes of their Personal Chakra Scale, the notes they sing with their voices that vibrate their chakra centers, never seemed in tune with the A 440 Hz scale. Their chakra notes always seem to be in between the notes on the piano.

I have discovered that not only do all human beings resonate to the vocal range of their own voice and not a C major scale, but

that the human body does not resonate with the A440Hz scale. Which is why I have used an A 432Hz scale to create the chimed meditations in this offer.

There are recent studies that prove the A 432Hz scale, lowers heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. A 432Hz has been shown to heal DNA and is a higher octave of the earth’s resonance frequency of 8 Hz. It seems to be a  scale with sacred sonic geometry overtones because of the sequence of the numbers 432. And it’s divisibility by the number 12, instead of the number 10.

This number sequence has nothing to do with how our ears hear it. The numbers 432 have metaphysical correlations to sacred sonic geometry.

It is slightly lower in pitch than the universal  “A” = 440Hz. It is not as bright or as tense as the A 440 tuning. Maybe that’s why it is so relaxing.

The combination of listening to chimes playing your body’s emotional scale and the fact that the scale is tuned to “A” = 432Hz makes it feel like homemade apple pie to your soul.

The Chakra Sound-Spa Experience is a PROCESS

  • It’s not a guided meditation that you buy, download and listen to.
  • You will have to follow the instructions in the video to find your notes AND THEN you can download and listen.
  • Learn how your voice reveals the musical key that balances your emotional energy
  • Discover the connection between your chakras and your emotions

Step by step

  • Watch my How to Hum Your Root Chakra video to find the sound that vibrates your root chakra
  • Use the tools you’ll learn about in the video to identify what note you are humming
  • Use The Sound Lady’s chakra scale chart to identify the notes of your 7 major chakras
  • Open the “How to Download” .pdf and download your CHAKRA SOUND-SPA EXPERIENCE Meditations in your specific musical key
  • Feel your body and mind relax as your chakras actually tingle with delight to the chimes of your sound spectrum vibrations as they balance your emotions.

The Chakra Sound-Spa Experience CONTENTS:

  • MP4 video on How to Hum Your Root Chakra
  • How to Download Your Chakra Sound-Spa Experience Scales and Meditations .pdf
  • Your Personal Chakra Scale with Guided Meditation
  • Your Personal Chakra Scale without Guided Meditation
  • Your Personal Chakra Connections with Guided Meditation Text of How to connect all your chakras through your heart chakra
  • Root Chakra Notes and  Lydian Scale Chart
  • Chakra Correlations and Attributes Chart
  • Blank Chakra Locations Chart (You fill in your notes)

Issues that can be relieved using the notes of your personal chakra scale to vibrate the emotional energy centers in your body are chronic issues like:

  • Low back pain
  • Annoying neck pain
  • Poor digestion
  • Elimination problems
  • Insomnia, anxiety and depression

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