Have you ever felt exhausted from too much sound or noise? Sound has a powerful effect on our physical and emotional bodies – For better or for worse! Too much noise can really unhinge us. That’s why it’s important to know what sounds are good for you. In this noisy, hectic world it is more necessary than ever to find a quiet place that is filled with nourishing, natural sounds. The most powerful tool to sooth your own body and get it back into balance is the sound of your own voice. So why not utilize a tool that is already at your disposal, your voice, and use my technique for learning how to sing your Root chakra?

When you have Identified the note of your root chakra by listening to my audio file “How to Sing Your Root Chakra” (Link to “How to Sing Your Root Chakra” audio file) you will also receive a .pdf file with a chart that will show you all the other notes of your other 6 chakras.

Knowing your personal Chakra Scale Song gives you the ability to rebalance your physical and emotional energy with just a few minutes of humming.

You can hum your chakra scales song to yourself, or you could play the notes of your scale song on a musical instrument or pitch pipe.


you could purchase your own MP3 of your personal chakra notes played on Choir Chimes, and use the Guided Meditation Instructions that will come with your Mp3 download to learn how to get grounded and centered in less than 10 minutes-BY JUST LISTENING TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL CHAKRA SOUNDS.