Once you know your Root Chakra and Personal Chakra Scale Notes, you are on the way to creating a strong resilient energy body. Humming your Personal Chakra Scale is a great way to energize and awaken your chakra centers. The next step would be to connect those Chakra centers through the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Math organization tells us that our hearts have a bigger “brain” than our heads! In order to connect the chakras for maximum energy circulation we create 3, three note infinity loops that connect through the Heart Chakra which I call the “Personal Chakra Connection Triads”. The notes of the Root, Heart and Crown create the first triad. Then the Second Triad is created by connecting the Sacral, Heart and 3rd Eye chakras. Then finally the 3rd Triad is created by connecting the notes of the Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat Chakras. Connecting your chakras like this is said to activate your 8th Chakra which is associated with your Soul essence throughout all of your lifetimes. It is the chakra that you see as a Halo around the heads of the Saints in sacred paintings. It brings all of the chakra energies into the heart so as to be informed by that great center of wisdom and compassion.

On the “Personal Chakra Connection Triads” audio file, the Choir Chime play the notes of the chakras in their triad order and you can hum along by purchasing the Personal Chakra Connection Triads that relate to your Root Chakra note. i.e. if your Root Chakra note is “A”, you would purchase the “A” Personal Chakra Connection Triad audio file.

When you purchase the Personal Chakra Connection Triad that corresponds to your Root chakra, you also receive a .pdf of a Guided Meditation to use while you are listening and or humming along with your MP3 Choir Chimes of your Personal Chakra Connection Triad.