Private Sessions:
BioAcoustic Pain Management Sound Therapy

Voice Energy Analysis or BioAcoustics is:

  • A  noninvasive emerging science gleaning acoustic biofeedback  from the sound of your voice.
  • A recording of the energy of the voice which can be analyzed for physical and emotional imbalances.
  • Finds frequencies in your recorded voice print that correlate to muscles, biochemicals, pathogens, toxins and more.
  • A way to give your body the energy it needs to make repairs and maintain homeostasis by listening to low frequency analog sound

Who will find this information useful?

  • People who want relief from pain without the side effects of pain medicines
  • People with digestion issues who can’t get nutrients from medicines
  • People who need to manage cat allergic reactions
  • People who suffer from frequent muscle spasms

Sharry Edwards developed software programs from researching thousands of voice prints of people who have similar diagnosis. This research allowed Sharry to see the common stressed frequencies in voices that have been diagnosed with diseases or injuries such as:

  • Hypo Thyroid

  • Arthritis

  • Allergies

  • Sports Injury

  • Auto Injury

  • Stroke

Human BioAcoustics as pioneered by Sharry Edwards, is a new science that identifies the stressed frequencies from a voice recording and correlates them with muscles, enzymes, biochemicals, pathogens, toxins, amino acids, etc. to gain an understanding of what is out of balance energetically within your voice.

The state of your health is in the sound of your voice.

Your voice is acoustic biofeedback to your brain about the health of your body.

Once the stressed frequencies have been identified, it is possible to balance these frequencies by listening to low frequency analogue sound. The brain is then able to utilize these low buzzing like sounds to return the body to a state of coherence and energetic health.
There are also situations where digital sound is more powerful than analogue sound in re balancing your body’s energy. In this case a subwoofer or tone box is not needed. You can use to listen to your balancing sounds.
A personal BioAcoustic Sound Therapy Session involves a 1 minute recording of your voice which I will analyze and identify the stressed frequencies related to your health issue.
I will create frequency combinations to re-balance the out of balance or stressed frequencies and program them into a low frequency analogue tone box that I will lend to you for 2 weeks.
We will schedule an appointment time online to test the balancing frequencies that I have created from the analysis of your voice recording.
After a week of listening to your tones you will send me another voice print so I can access the progress of the stressed frequencies. I will also tell you if it is time to delete some of the frequencies that you no longer need to listen to and which ones to continue listening to for another week. At the end of 2 weeks you are usually finished with sound frequencies and you mail me back the tone box and special headphones. Depending on how long you have had the issue, it will be time to schedule another session for another 2 week period. ( Acute/recent issues can usually be helped in 1 or 2 sessions. Chronic issues will take 3 or more sessions).


Chronic Neck Pain

“Kathleen, I have been bragging about you to anyone who will listen! My sound therapy with you has been a “game changer”! My chronic neck, ear, head pain that I have had for 15 yrs. since my car accident is gone! Your next task is to help Russell with his chronic pain. We will be calling you when we return home to Santa Fe for you to set up sessions to help him. You are an Angel:)”

Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic Hamstring Pain

“ I had a nagging pain in my left hamstring for 2 years and no matter how long I stretched it, it would not go away. At the end of the day after teaching fitness classes it was really a problem. I had to cut back on the running that I love because it just hurt too much. I had Kathleen analyze my voice recording and she found that the gluteus medius muscle was at the crux of the problem. Now as a fitness trainer I am trained to evaluate people by looking at their posture etc., but you can ‘t see the gluteus medius muscle. Her software found it to be an overly strong frequency and she programmed a sound into my tone box to help relax it. I also found some exercises to stretch that particular muscle and did them while I listened to the sounds. What a difference! The nagging pain went away after about a week and I have been pain free ever since. Thanks Kathleen!”

Chronic Hamstring Pain

Arthritis Pain

Having lived with NSAIDs, cortisone injections and pain while continuing to care for patients and enjoy the activities that bring joy to my life, one can only imagine my hopeful excitement when Kathleen introduced me to Sound Therapy.

Within 2 days of listening to the tones she gave me, the pain in my hands and feet simply stopped. I was able to walk 18 holes of golf, and have the energy for more. My fingers stopped aching and I was able to work in my glass studio, type on the computer and work in the garden without paying the pain price I was so accustomed to. That was 3 full months ago and I am still pain free 95% of the time. Now Kathleen is focusing on WHY the arthritis has attacked my joints and using the technology of sound she has discovered a chemical imbalance in my ability to clear calcium from my body and to prevent it from accumulating in my joints.

Arthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis Pain

“Thank you so much for relieving my pain. My fingers, golfers elbow and back are all better. The doctor had said I have osteoarthritis and the treatment is pain medication which upsets my stomach. The BioAcoustics worked and I can golf again and live my life pain free-thanks to you Kathleen. With gratitude.” – Dorothy

Osteoarthritis Pain

Torn Lateral Meniscus

“Surgeons said I would require surgery to heal the tear but they were reluctant to operate due to my cancer diagnosis and resulting complications. “After 4 weeks of listening to my sounds for 2-3 hours a day-which was easy to do because I was bed ridden anyway-I was pain free, weight bearing and had regained 100% of my range of motion. I no longer needed possibly risky surgery. I am very grateful for the opportunity to use BioAcoustics it has not only helped with my knee but many other health issues over the past 7 years. I would definitely recommend this blessing of a therapy to everyone!”

Torn Lateral Meniscus