Physical Assessment Reports

  Golf Swing in grassMuscle Strength Evaluation Process

Quick, Non-invasive, Accurate, State of the Art


Chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and sports teams are all becoming aware of this new voice analysis technology for physical assessments.  This type pf biofeedback report from the frequencies in the sound of your voice helps to create highly customized, effective Workout Plans for their clients.

VOICE PRINT ANALYSIS Your voice print is a tangible representation of emotional and physical balance , based on your vocal speech patterns. BioAcoustic research as pioneered by Sharry Edwards, and the emerging science of BioAcoustics has created a frequency map of the human body.


  • Identify which muscles are too tight  and hindering your flexibility.
  • Identify which  muscles are too weak and need strengthening.
  • Identify how your body is reacting to nutrients and supplements.
  • Identify emotional likes, dislikes and image 1

Order your customized Muscle Evaluation Report to maximize the workout and get right to the specific problem areas. It takes less than 5 minutes to leave the message and we’ll get your report to you within 48 hours so you can customize the workout for your individual clients and have it ready for their first personal fitness training session. Just like in this sample report below- you can see which muscles are weak and which are too tight . A muscle that is too weak or too tight is an accident about to happen. All you have to do is record a voice message using your land line or voi ( voice over internet) phone. I’ll take the frequency information from your phone message and email you a Report.

  •      You can take these muscle reports to your Golf Pro or Personal Trainer. They can help you with exercises to strengthen the weak muscles (the muscles with the dot under the      LOW column) or with stretches for the muscles that are too tight (the muscles with the dot under the HIGH column)
  •      If you don’t have access to a Golf Pro or Personal Trainer, you can simple go online and google stretches and strengthening exercises for the too tight or too weak muscles


$75 Golf Swing Muscle Report

The Golf Swing Muscle Evaluation Report identifies all of the muscles that are required to swing a golf club so that you can maximize your flexibility, strength and enjoyment of the game. This report identifies muscles that are too tight or too weak inhibiting their optimal movement for your best golf swing. It also tells you how the muscles are used during your gold swing.

Sample GOlf Swing Report

$75 Full Body Muscle Report

This report identifies all the muscles in your body that are either too weak or too tight.

Sample Muscle Report


 $75 Nutrition Report 

The Nutrition Report contains information about what nutrients your body needs.It will tell you if you are taking too much of a vitamin, mineral, enzyme, amino acid,or fatty acid. Don’t waste your money on general supplements that you do not need or your body can’t assimilate. With a Nutrition Report you will know exactly what your body needs. It takes the guess work and expense out of shopping for supplements.

Sample Nutrition Report

 $50-Personality Profile Report

The  Personality Profiler is an individuated vocal evaluation which uses frequency information contained in the person’s vocal range to allow you to glimpse into the deep levels of personal awareness. The multi-paged report contains information concerning basic personality traits, conflicts, consequences, compatibilities and challenges. This report will help you understand your psychology, your personality strengths and weaknesses.

Sample Note Bar Graph showing how many times each note of the scale was used when you spoke, and how many octaves you used with each note.(denoted by the yellow/green/blue/red colored bar lines)

Voice Analysis