Kathleen Nagy Sound Therapy

An Alternative Pain Management and Self Healing with Sound Energy site. Here you will find Sound Solutions to help you manage:

Chronic Pain from Auto Accidents or Sports InjuriesMetabolism, Nausea and Digestion, Constipation, Fluid Retention, Lymph Flow, Incontinence, Gout, Cat Allergies, Stroke and more.

Experience how Sound can trigger your body’s self healing abilities without side effects or painful poking and prodding.


The Sound Lady is a sound therapy company with products and services targeting classical musicians, performing artists, music teachers and sound lovers everywhere.

For those of you who because you understand the power of music, battle the occupational hazards of aching muscles, stage fright and a sedentary lifestyle.

Kathleen Nagy will tone the instrument of your body and teach you how to calm your nerves, amplify your stage presence, stretch and strengthen your chops, nourish your body mind and spirit, so that you can reliably and confidently perform to your maximum capacity.

The Sound Lady offers state of the art, sound therapy, fitness nutrition, physical exercise programs, and breathing exercises for anxiety,with a “practice makes perfect” work ethic, to boost your confidence.



Thank you so much for relieving my pain.My fingers, golfers elbow and back are all better. The doctor had said I have osteoarthritis and the treament is pain medication which upsets my stomach. The BioAcoustics worked and I can golf again and live my life pain free-thanks to you Kathleen.with gratitude.


Everything is energy and vibration, so sound is the most direct and pain free route! Happy to validate what you do Kathleen, because of help I’ve gotten from you, and also because I’ve seen it in my own work with clients–resonance and vibration are the basis of the healing work I’ve been doing for the last 18 years so I get it. I find that harmonic overtones and other sound modalities are the most powerful of all.


I am writing in regrads to the use of the BioAcoustic Method. I was experiencing pain in both  legs and feet. The doctor said I have peripheral neuropathy and there was nothing they could do. I tried Kathy’s BioAcoustic sessions and I have been pain free for 3 months. It did wonders for me.




Energy Medicine Exchange

I would like to give a shout out to this fabulous public group on Facebook called Energy Medicine Exchange. It has over 31k members from all over the world who are genuinely interested and committed to all forms of energetic healing modalities. It is a wonderful...

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Sound For Digestion Support

The human digestive system is comprised of several organs. The mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestines, colon, rectum and anus. The Digestion Support audio file that I have created by playing harmonics on the french horn, doesn't target any of those...

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How to Increase Your Metabolism/Thyroid

    Metabolsim is Controlled by Your Thyroid and Pituitary Glands To learn how to increase your metabolism, first let's understand what metabolism is. Metabolism is the process of chemical reactions in a cell, organ, gland etc. that produces energy for growth,...

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How to Sing Your Root Chakra

Why would you want to learn how to sing your root chakra? As musicians and music lovers, we are more kinesthetic than visual. That is, our primary senses with which we experience the world are hearing and touching vs. seeing and thinking. More and more of us are...

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