Kathleen Nagy

Immune Support Harmonic Humming
Online Course

This Immune Support Harmonic Humming Online Course is for Body and Energy workers who want to add another tool to their healing tool box. The course content is consistent with the DIY course download but with the added benefit of learning in a small group. This 2 hour small group class is for those who are not musically adept but love to listen to and sing music but not necessarily in public.
There will be no more than 10 people in each class so that individual attention is maximized. In a small group setting you will be able to learn from each other as we all assimilate the new information and techniques of the course. You will see all the things that can go wrong and how to fix them. We will learn the humming and pitch pipe techniques together and then put them to use on ourselves in class. Then we will take time to discuss our experiences with each other so we can all learn from each other’s perspectives.

In this course you will learn:

  • How humming can increase a corona virus killing molecule called Nitric Oxide

  • How to hum to increase Nitric Oxide in nasal passages and sinuses

  • How to create harmonics with your voice, using tongue positions and vowel sounds

  • The importance of the 3rd harmonic to the structural integrity of a weak note

  • How to buzz with your lips for health benefits similar to yoga exercises

  • How to play a pitch pipe in lieu of humming

  • How to play harmonics on a pitch pipe

  • How to play the same immune boosting series of harmonic chords that I used in the aura imaging case study

There is also an aura camera case study that gives visual proof that harmonics and humming can raise the frequency of your body’s organs and systems. I undertook this study after years of doing a harmonic humming technique using the french horn that made me feel energized and impervious to viral infections. If I noticed a scratch in the back of my throat like you feel at the onset of a cold, it would inevitably be gone in an hour or two and the cold would never manifest. I was literally virus free for 15 years! I am going to teach you how to make the same harmonic chords on a pitch pipe that I was making on my french horn. In the midst of this Corona virus epidemic with no vaccination available for months or years, building our immune systems is a logical defense that is within our reach right now! There is really nothing to lose. As there is a 30 day money back guarantee on  this course.
Included in this course is an Immune Support mp3 that is the same set of harmonic chords I used for my daily meditation for 15 years that made me immune to viruses.  If you are at all interested in sounds that trigger your body’s inherent healing abilities, this course is a must. Please avail yourselves of this unique, affordable opportunity to protect yourself from invading pathogens.
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