Why would you want to learn how to sing your root chakra?

As musicians and music lovers, we are more kinesthetic than visual. That is, our primary senses with which we experience the world are hearing and touching vs. seeing and thinking. More and more of us are finding that meditation is a great way to quiet the mind. I have found that a type of toning meditation gets me into that still and peaceful state much quicker than just sitting in silence.

I started meditation while playing my horn-just long tones while singing into it at the same time. This created harmonic chords that challenged my listening skills. As I asked my brain to hear all of the notes sounding in the chords my mind shut down because the task was too formidable. It was a quick way to become still and calm.

Then I discovered the power of humming.

If you keep your mouth closed, like you do while humming, the sound vibrations stay inside your body. I realized that our bones could conduct the sounds to all parts of the body. When I hummed the lowest note I could comfortably hum, I could feel a tingling sensation in my root chakra. It was magic. That chakra that I had imagined became palpable, tangible. It was not just a figment of my imagination. IT WAS REAL. It existed in a physical place in my body,  not my imagination. Learning how to sing your root chakra is just the first step to finding the notes to all of your chakras. Chakra singing is not new, it’s been done for thousands of years, we are just remembering what we had forgotten. Once you have found your root chakra note, use the diagram below to find all of your chakra notes and then you can connect them through the heart chakra for complete assimilation.

If your root chakra note is “C” then use the Lydian scale built on that note to energize the rest of your chakras. Your root chakra note will be “C”. Your sacral chakra note will be “D”, your solar plexus note will be “E” etc.




If after energizing all of your 7 chakras you can connect the crown and root through the heart, the 3rd eye and sacral through the heart, and the solar plexus and throat through the heart, you will activate your 8th chakra just above your head, where you will have access to universal cosmic love and awareness. If your root chakra note is “C”, then connecting your crown and root chakras through the heart will involve the notes C-F#-B. Connect your 3rd eye and sacral chakras through the heart using the notes D-F#-A. To connect your solar plexus and throat chakras through the heart use the notes E-F#-G.

Chakra syllable chart

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