One of the earliest pieces I wrote more than 20 years ago now, was for Kidney Support and Water Retention. From my perspective as a former professional french horn player, I had an understanding of the harmonic series of notes or overtone series. I was able to take that knowledge and create harmonic overtone pieces with my horn and voice.  It has been used over the years mostly by folks who were having trouble with water retention. But recently a client of mine who was on dialysis due to a stroke, really wanted to get off dialysis and he started listening to the mp3 Kidney Support

Here is a short excerpt from my Sound Energy and Aura Pictures Case Study. In this study, I took a picture of my aura before playing any harmonics- that is the photo on the left. Then I played the harmonic chords that supported the kidneys and took another aura picture. The Aura Camera software describes the change as going from “calm and peaceful”  to  “intense healing energy”.

Kidney Support Harmonics

The Harmonic Chords in this Kidney Support audio file, Energize the Kidneys and the Filtering Process of the Kidneys.

Here is a TESTIMONIAL I just received from a former client who listened to this Kidney Support audio file daily for years to repair damaged kidney due to a stroke and gradually went from dialysis 3x/wk. to dialysis 2x/wk. to once a week and then he finally GOT OFF DIALYSIS!

March 6, 2017

Kidney Support

I would like to thank Kathleen Nagy for the wonderful support to my Kidney and her use of sound therapy to aid in my Healing. I came to Santa Fe in 2015, after I suffered a Stroke in 2014. The stroke caused my kidneys to be compromised and I have been on Dialysis since 2014. I started using the kidney support cassette tape created by Kathleen in the summer of 2015. I’m proud to say; As of February 15, 2017 my nephrologist has removed me from Dialysis. I stand as a powerful testimony for the Sound Healing support of Kathleen Nagy.

Christopher J. Williams


This audio file has also been helpful to those who carried extra water weight that they couldn’t lose. Listening to this file will usually cause you to be using the bathroom more than you usual. So I would listen before going to bed, unless you are very good and going back to sleep after your bladder call.

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