The Emotional Stabilizer MP3 was born from my deep desire to help as many people as possible experience emotional and spiritual relief. After working for several years with clients on their personal chakra scales, I discovered the profound impact of aligning these scales with music. Previously, discovering your personal chakra scale required a private Zoom session with me or purchasing a “Do It Yourself” video. Hundreds of clients benefited from listening to their personal chakra scale MP3s, with many reporting that it stopped panic attacks, anxiety, and PTSD episodes.

I wanted to make this healing experience accessible to more people without the need for a $100 session. Knowing the anxiety, depression, and PTSD struggles faced by many in the LGBTQ+ community and discharged military members, I envisioned this 12-minute MP3 as a tool to help alleviate these emotional ailments. I’ve tested this piece on friends and family members, ranging from 13 to 75 years old, with remarkable success. Now, after securing the copyright, I am thrilled to offer this healing tool to these communities and beyond, bringing peace and balance to anyone in need. 

The Emotional Stabilizer is a transformative 12-minute solo piano piece, played on a piano tuned to A=432Hz, a frequency known to lower heart rate and blood pressure. This composition navigates through all the notes of the musical scale in both ascending and descending order, each paired with its emotional activation counterpart.

By playing these notes in two different dispersing energy rhythms followed by a gathering energy rhythm, the piece effectively balances energy within the listener’s body. This intricate interplay of notes aligns with all possible personal chakra scales, facilitating a profound balancing of the chakras and harmonizing the corresponding emotional layers in the auric field.

Spiritually, listeners can expect enhanced emotional equilibrium and a deeper connection to their inner self. Physically, the benefits include reduced stress levels and improved cardiovascular health, contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

Testimonial Christel Hughes –C.Ht. Multi-sensory Intuitive, Behaviorist and Creator of Academy for the Soul

“As someone in the Energy field with a high level of sensory acuity, I’ve experienced countless tools and techniques designed to balance and heal the chakras and aura, but the Emotional Stabilizer MP3 stands out as profoundly supportive and transformative. From the first note, I felt a deep resonance that gently moved through my entire being, activating each chakra with precision and care. The unique vibrations of the piano, tuned to A=432Hz, facilitated both physical and dimensional shifts that I could feel rippling through my aura.

This MP3 doesn’t just balance the chakras—it harmonizes the emotional layers within the auric field, creating a sense of peace and alignment that is truly Extraordinary. I felt a significant increase of my intuitive capacity as the central channel opened and an overall sense of groundedness and clarity.

This is a must-have for anyone seeking to elevate their spiritual practice and achieve a harmonious state of being. The Emotional Stabilizer MP3 is a gift to the Soul, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to experience profound healing and transformation.”