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  1. Cherie Elpel

    Hi Sound Lady:
    I listened to your interview with Sherry Edwards and really enjoyed it.
    I have a couple of questions for you.
    1. I just started narrating audio books and my intention is to put a healing vibration into the voice work that I do. I ran the Nano voice samples and I would like to know what single notes to purchase from you to bring me into balance. Can I send you the nano sample or do I purchase according to the octave readings -3 red, -2 yellow, -1 green, 0 blue?
    2. My intention is to release mid-back and low back pain, do you have a sound to purchase for that?
    3. My intention is to release weight and the Biodiet report from Sound Health points to some hormone, Epigenetic, genome, protein stuff, do you create custom sounds to balance these things and if so, what is the rate to do so?

    Thank you so much,

    • kathleenn

      Whatever is the weakest note in nano voice is the one you should listen to.if you consider yourself a left brained person. If you consider yourself to be a right brained person then you would listen to 1.the opposite note of the lowest note. So you listen according to the note not the octave readings. If your lowest note is “E”, then purchase the “E” note from under Individual Notes and their harmonics.
      2. I do not have generic sound for back pain, but Sharry Edwards sells a “The Little Back Box” which balances the frequencies of the spine.
      3.If you have already used BioDiet software, the only way to get help with the hormones, genes and proteins would be to make an appointment with a BioAcoustic practitioner. Where do you live?

  2. Cherie Elpel

    Hi Kathleen:
    I had one more question:
    Do you have any sounds that increase prosperity?
    Thank you,

    • kathleenn

      Cherie, Here’s a mantra song I use for that-sung to the tune of the childrens’ song BINGO:
      All my needs are being met beyond my expectations
      Needs are being met
      Needs are being met
      Needs are being met
      beyond my expectations!


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