Millions of dollars are spent each year on OTC laxatives to find constipation relief. For most the OTC option is sufficient but for others who suffer from opioid induced constipation or those with chronic constipation, the OTC drugs are not always helpful. There are new medicines available but medicines have side effects that are not always welcome or well tolerated. My horn harmonics audio file “Colon Support” ($20) has been a God send for cancer patients who take narcotics for pain.

Below is a Case Study from one such person. The process went like this:

A recording of the voice of the patient was put into BioAcoustic software to show how many times the patient used each note of the scale when speaking. The client requested a voice print and sound presentation because the medication (Senna) that used to counteract the constipating side effects of the prescribed narcotics (Oxycontin) was no longer working .

The note graph from the voice print clearly showed that the notes C, C# and G were weak notes in the voice pattern…

  • voice analysis

-Given that the notes C and C# govern circulation and organs of circulation like the colon, and those notes were low energy compared to the rest of the notes in the chart, C was played on a chromatic pitch pipe and C# was sung simultaneously for about 5 minutes.

-Given that the note G was also low and that it relates to the processing of the colon, C# was played on a chromatic pitch pipe while G was sung for about 5 minutes.

-A second voice recording was taken and imported into BioAcoustic software.voice analysis note graphAll of this took about 5 minutes of listening to the sound of the notes C and C# played simultaneously and C# and G played simultaneously for 5 minutes- a total of 10 minutes. The clients bowels were now working again.  But you don’t have to buy a pitch pipe and learn how to sing and blow it at the same time! I have created a downloadable audio file featuring these notes and harmonics using my french horn, in a very low octave which is ideal for communicating with the brain and body.

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