What I have discovered here is how everyone’s body resonates to sounds in their own voices. It is just how our body’s work with our emotions. This is a new understanding that is just scratching the surface of all the possibilities that may be unlocked using this technique. Here are a few testimonials from folks who have been listening to their personal chakra chimes scales for only a few months.


37 Yr Old Female
With PTSD and Anxiety

“It has become my go-to healing for anxiety. I especially like to listen to it on repeat when flying in an airplane. Similar to EFT tapping for healing trauma, I also use this meditation to move stuck negative energy in my body when it paralyzes me.  I listen to my root chakra meditation until I can move again. I also use this regularly to soothe me to sleep or give me a quick, solid grounding when I need it. For me, it’s one of the most valuable modalities I’ve encountered.”

40 Yr Old Female
With PTSD and Depression

“I always feel very tingly while humming. All the way down to my feet, it’s cool! And anytime I hear the notes, it’s instantly calming. I worked probably 60 hours this week alone, with the start of school. Stress all over my body! Headaches… the tones help vibrate the pains or stresses out. It’s really cool!”

From My Radio Show

Lisa Called into my radio show and went through the process live, on the air, of humming to find her root chakra note.  Wow this is so amazing! I always knew that toning would be my thing. Thank you so much. I’m gonna practice. You know what, I just stood up and my back pain has gone! Om my God-It’s still slightly there but not to the degree that it was before toning my 2nd chakra note with you. Thank you so much!”

Hello, I am Kathleen Nagy aka The Sound Lady, creator of
“The Chakra Sound-Spa Experience”  Guided Meditation mp3’s.

This is not the type of Guided Mediation that you just download and listen to. You will have to do some humming to find your notes. There is a video in the package that teaches you how to do that. Once you know your root chakra or heart chakra note, you can download Your Personal Chakra Scales and Meditations. After you have done that you can simply listen to your personal chakra scale played by the beautiful chimes mp3’s to receive all the benefits of tuning your chakras. 



Over $100.00 value for the low introductory price of $37.00

Don’t let the word hum stop you from trying this revolutionary, non-invasive, emotion calming technique. You only have to hum for yourself, in the privacy of your own space, to find 1 note that causes a vibration in your sacrum or your chest.

How does vibrating our chakras balance our emotions?

Discovering your personal chakra scale gives you the power to balance your body’s chakra energy centers and thereby balance your hormones and many aspects of your emotional and physical health like anxiety, insomnia, and depression to name a few.

To use a quote from Dr. Christiane Northrup in her book,
“Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom”
Dr. Northrup writes:

Well then, what are these chakras?

Our chakras are our body’s emotional energy cellular distribution system. These etheric energy centers are energetically intertwined with our body’s glandular system. They monitor and regulate our hormones and emotions. Each chakra energy center is energetically intertwined with a major gland of our endocrine system. The endocrine system consists of glands that regulate our cells and organs. They turn on and off the processes of metabolism, growth, sexual functions, reproduction, sleep and mood to name a few.

Once you have listened to the instructional, step by step MP3 on How to Hum Your Root Chakra, and used the Chakra Scale Chart to find the rest of the notes for your other 6 major chakra energy centers, you too will experience the glee of feeling your chakras vibrating and being energized in your body just like I did. This experience will be unique, because you have never before felt the vibration of this etheric energy system that is part of your magnetic field or aura. Feeling these energy centers vibrate is an entirely new experience, that you are going to LOVE. With the Chakra Attributes Chart and the Chakra Correlations Chart you will know which notes will energize the physical, emotional and etheric parts of you.

Knowing the note to each of your personal energy centers will help you vibrate and release old, no longer serving us, cellular memory and emotional energy that has been stored in our bodies and may be causing pain or disease.

If issues have manifested in your body, if they were caused by an emotional trauma or painful experience, they won’t be curable using normal physical remedies. To get to the root cause of the pain we will work with our chakra system so that you can experience vibratory emotional balancing.

With this audio download of The Chakra Sound-Spa Experience Guided Meditation MP3’s, without being a musician, without being able to read music, without knowing one note sound from the other, without being able to match a pitch with you voice, you should successfully be able to tune, energize, activate and connect your 7 major chakra energy centers and release old, no longer serving us, cellular memory and emotional energy that has been stored in our bodies and may be causing pain anxiety and sleepless nights.

If you are not able to figure out your root chakra or heart chakra note after following the steps in the How to Hum Your Root Chakra video, and it is within 30 days of your downloading the package, then you can email me for a refund. (info@thesoundlady.com)

Discover and experience the notes that
balance your emotions and calm your nerves.


Here is what is included in the MP3 audio downloads of The Chakra Sound-Spa Experience-Guided Meditations by The Sound Lady:

  • How to Sing Your Root Chakra Video

  • Chart for Finding the notes of your 7 major chakra energy centers based on your Root Chakra or Heart chakra note

  • Your Personal Chakra Chimes Scale with Guided Meditation MP3

  • Your Personal Chakra Chimes Scale without Guided Meditation MP3

  • Your Personal Chakra Connections MP3 with Guided Meditation text

  • Your Personal Chakra Notes Map for your 7 chakras

  • Chakra Correlations and Chakra Attributes Chart – glands, organs, emotions, hormones, senses, element, color, quality

  • Chakra Connections Chart (visual of infinity wave visualizations)

The price for all of these individual elements to enhance your experience of your personal sound spectrum emotional energy system would come to over $100. But this is an introductory offer discount that you won’t be able to resist. It won’t cost you even half of the $100+ price.

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Chakra Sound-Spa Experience for only $37.00

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