WebMD has articles on immune boosting foods, yet there are many physicians who say it is not possible nor beneficial to use immune boosting supplements because an over active immune system will cause your body to fight itself with auto immune diseases. Your immune system lives mostly in your gut, but there are many types of immune responses that your body initiates depending on the problem. Some different categories of immune response are -a cut on your skin, stress, or a pathogen / toxin that you inhaled or an overused muscle. These circumstances will initiate different biochemical responses in your body’s immune system, which is why it is difficult to say one supplement or another will boost immune system response.

Here is what we know from scientific research:

Foods rich in anti oxidants like glutathione help your body fight infections.

Garlic has several anti oxidants that help fight invaders like  H. pylori, the bacteria associated with some ulcers and stomach cancer.

Carrots and sweet potatoes have beta carotene another anti oxidant which helps with free radicals.

Almonds help your immune system when you are under stress.

Grapefruits, oranges and tangerines are full of flavinoids  that have been found to increase immune system activation.

Spinach raw or barely cooked has folate which helps your body produce new cells and repair DNA.

Low vitamin D levels have been linked to increased instances of colds and flu.

Here’s what I know from first hand experience:

Sounds full of harmonic overtones can supply your brain with the frequencies it needs to boost immune system response. Your brain is always going through a type of triage to prioritize it’s need based on how much sleep you got, how much stress you are under or what types of nutrients you have ingested.Listening to harmonic overtones is like giving your brain a buffet of frequency possibilities that it can use or not depending on it’s current needs.

The brain uses frequency to transmit information to the central nervous system. The brain is like a frequency modulator or a radio tuner, it is constantly monitoring frequencies. The brain knows that  input coming from a frequency above 4 trillion cps is a visual  input from your eyes as the color spectrum of light is 436trillion-730trillion cps.  The brain knows that a frequency between 14 Hz and 20k Hz is a sound frequency coming into your ears. The brain also understands the physics of how sound expands-the harmonic series of notes or how harmonics and overtones are created. Listening to sounds rich in harmonic overtones offers the brain a recognizable frequency pattern that it can understand and use to initiate the body’s natural healing responses.

Using Sharry Edwards emerging science of BioAcoustic concepts of note correlations to specific body systems, I have created an audio file rich in harmonic overtones that I used as a meditation for 15 yrs. I rarely got sick during that time-or since. I would feel my throat getting scratchy as if a cold was coming, but in an hour or two the scratchy feeling was gone and I did not get the cold or virus. I created these harmonics by playing a note on my horn and singing a note into the horn at the same time. This creates a harmonic chord- a frequency pattern that is readily recognized by the brain.

Under the Overtones for Your Body tab on thesoundlady.com website, there is a case study where I used an aura imaging camera to measure the changes in vibrational frequencies of the various organs and systems of my body as I played the harmonics on my horn. It showed that after playing the harmonics, the energy of each biological process that I was working with (circulation,digestion,elimination, respiration),   was accelerated to a higher frequency. It only takes 10 minutes  a day to listen to this audio file from your computer or cell phone to boost immune system response to infections.

It can be purchased and downloaded here:

If you’d like to learn more about sounds and how to create them to energize organs and body systems please check out my online course at udemy.com called Sound for Health.