five-visible-planets-appear-simultaneously five-visible-planets-appear-simultaneouslyThe note that is most prevalent this week as all 5 planets align is the note “A”.

The following is an excerpt/summary from a longer article posted every week on Conscious Life News, call the BioAcoustic KeyNote. In this article which the author (Robert OLeary- also fellow BioAcoustic Research Associate)publishes every week, Robert looks at  how the Universal Frequency of the week affects our physical bodies.

The over-arching yet subtle universal frequency this week  is the note “A”.  The eye muscle (rectus inferior) and lens are affected by this note. Shoulder and back muscles, L-2 and T-2 vertebrae, elbow, pelvic diaphragm TFL and foot muscles also fall within the frequency range of the note “A”.

There are also nutrients who’s Frequency Equivalent match the note “A”, they are magnesium citrate, Vit D3, phosphatidylserine, asparagine, carnosine and C-Reactive Protein.

This would be helpful information to chiropractors, eye doctors, nutritionits, and fitness professionals. While the note this week may be bringing these muscles, nutrients into focus, they will not be long term challenges as the universal frequency changes weekly.

How Are Universal Frequencies Affecting You this Week (January 18-23, 2016)?