Kathleen Nagy Sound Therapy

An Alternative Pain Management and Self Healing with Sound Energy site. Here you will find Sound Solutions to help you manage:

Chronic Pain from Auto Accidents or Sports InjuriesMetabolism, Nausea and Digestion, Constipation, Fluid Retention, Lymph Flow, Incontinence, Gout, Cat Allergies, Stroke and more.

Experience how Sound can trigger your body’s self healing abilities without side effects or painful poking and prodding.

The Sound Lady Internet Radio Show

I will be broadcasting every other Friday starting June 29 at 1:00 pm PST. Tune in LIVE to interact with me for free personality reports based on your voice recordings. OR check out the archived version of the show under the Archive Tab.


My name is Kathleen Nagy and I am The sound Lady.
Do you need a better way to manage your pain? Are you so sensitive that many pharmaceuticals give you bad reactions? Has a detox plan or new supplement sent you into a healing crisis? Is your immune system overtaxed?
If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then I’d like you to consider Sound Energy as an alternative self care technique.

Sound vibrates not only the physical body but the emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. If a physical issue has manifested, it may have began in the emotional body, and all the work you do on the physical body will not be lasting. Knowing the right sound/note -can help you get to the root of the problem wherever the problem resides. Understanding more about your energy body is crucial to the health of your physical body.

Along with all the science and math of the BioAcoustic techniques, I offer intuitive sound energy using my voice. I can also help you sing your energy body and physical body to cleanse and energize it so that the flow of energy into your physical body is optimal. Knowing the notes to your major chakra energy centers opens the door to toning the notes for all parts of our body. Not any one else’s body, but your personal notes specific to you.
Services and products from The Sound Lady.com will help you help yourself, using the power of your own voice and sound frequencies to charge your immune systems, your organs and your energy body.

-Sound energy is a great alternative for people who are sensitive to pharmaceuticals
-Sound energy is non invasive,-there is no painful poking or prodding
-no side effects
-No need to digest something to derive its benefits
-You just listen to the appropriate notes/frequencies to activate your immune system and your bodys’ self healing capabilities.


Thank you so much for relieving my pain.My fingers, golfers elbow and back are all better. The doctor had said I have osteoarthritis and the treament is pain medication which upsets my stomach. The BioAcoustics worked and I can golf again and live my life pain free-thanks to you Kathleen.with gratitude. Dorothy

Everything is energy and vibration, so sound is the most direct and pain free route! Happy to validate what you do Kathleen, because of help I’ve gotten from you, and also because I’ve seen it in my own work with clients–resonance and vibration are the basis of the healing work I’ve been doing for the last 18 years so I get it. I find that harmonic overtones and other sound modalities are the most powerful of all. Ellen

I am writing in regrads to the use of the BioAcoustic Method. I was experiencing pain in both  legs and feet. The doctor said I have peripheral neuropathy and there was nothing they could do. I tried Kathy’s BioAcoustic sessions and I have been pain free for 3 months. It did wonders for me. Jim


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